computer in active directory are not Auto deleting

my computers in active directory under Computers group are not auto delteing. is there a way i can set active directory to delete computers that have not been connected to our domain for more than a certain period.
we get computers that crash or are replaced but it still has it in active directory. i want to set a date such that if we have had no response from a computer for 30 days, i want it to delete the computer.

anyone with any ideas?
thnks in advance.
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Forrest BurrisCommented:
this cant be done with a number of external ad helper apps. the only one i can think of that has a free edition is the one below. most of them are paid apps

ad manager plus
Mike KlineCommented:
No auto delete function natively
My favorite tool for this is old computer by MVP Joe Richards
So first you can run a report to see your old computers (you can specify number of days)
Then you can disable and then delete them.   We disable after 90 days and delete after 180 days.
Another nice thing are the .htm reports...your boss will like them
Here is some info fro you:

Since we have one 2003 server in our environment (Our SMS 2003 Server), we loaded the 2003 admin pack to that machine.

We were then able to query our Windows 2000 active directory (SP3 required) using the dsquery command.

To display stale computer accounts:
dsquery computer DC=YOURDOMAINNAME,dc=com -stalepwd 45

If you want to delete the accounts, you pipe the results to DSRM:
dsquery computer DC=YOURDOMAINNAME,dc=com -stalepwd 45 | dsrm -noprompt

Not only is our AD much cleaner, our SMS console is free of stale accounts as well.

Here is a link to another site with some additional information on the filtering capabilities of DSQUERY:

More on DSQUERY attribute filtering -

Hope this helps. :)
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Mike KlineCommented:
...and a quick follow up to anyone that may find this thread in the future and want to know more about computers and their passwords.  The DS team has a good blog entry on that here:
Machine Account Password Process
Forrest BurrisCommented:
oops i said 'CANT' i meant to say CAN
cchibongaAuthor Commented:
thanks guys .
addihul's solution was the easiest so i award the points to addihul. i don't know whether the other solutions work i did not try them coz they looked cumbersome.
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