Supermicro chassis with SATA 6-drive backplane, need assistance with purchasing the correct "stuff"

I recently purchased a Supermicro 822T chassis with six hot-swappable drive bays, a SATA backplane (without SAF-TE). Now, since I haven't received it yet, and since this is my first server build with RAID from scratch, and since Supermicro doesn't exactly have the best online instructions (read: RTFM? what M?) I don't know what I need to purchase to complete my newest creation.

I would like to set up hardware RAID 10 with SATA II (yeah, I know, SCSI is better, yadda yadda) for all six drives, -or- 4 with RAID 10, 1 hot spare, and 1 system drive.

What type of controller and cabling, etc. would I need and can anybody recommend one that is reasonable in price but reliable? I'm seeing a lot of "1-, 2-, 4- and 8-port" models but I'm unclear as to what a "port" is -- is it something I can attach a fan-out cable to or do I need a separate "port" and  cables for each drive in the cage?

I'm running late for a meeting so I'll submit this as-is...if you need more information let me know and I'll provide it. Thanks!

P.S. If at all possible I'd like to utilize all the nice blinky lights on the front of the cage...I'm a geek. ;)
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FallbackpuppetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In this case port refers to the number of Hard disks the card will support. I like and use this card and I do belive it comes in an 8 port as well that would be better for your build.  I just use the cables that came with it
sorry the card is areca ARC-1210 PCI-Express x8
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