Why is mysqldump not dumping all data?

Im using 5.0.45 community version of mySQL server

It seems like it fogets to put in the INSERT INTO statements for some of the tables.

Maybe its a bug in v. 5.0.45 ?
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loopstudioConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the solution myself.
I upgraded the MySQL server.
loopstudioAuthor Commented:
And if thats the case , of an error, then what version could someone recommend to upgrade to?

Hopefully to a version so I dont have to change my SQL statements in my whole code again for the 50th time!
I would suggest you post the command that you're using to do the dump and a snippet of the query you think that is causing the error. Just to be sure, you should be doing something like this... mysqldump -uusername -ppassword databasename tablename > file.txt
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Try this..

Go to phpmyadmin and create a database.Then click the import button and select the .sql file u having and run it.
It is working fine for me...How long ur .sql file?
loopstudioAuthor Commented:
majikman: Im doing EXACTLY as You write in your example! :)

tcs224694: I dont use phpmyadmin, im using ASP and HeidiSQL, But I will try somwthing semilar! yes! I wil ltry create a DB in HeidiSQL and then run the SQL and see what happens :)
when u click the import there is a browse button which will tell u the max file size...

Before import check whether ur file siz is less than that...

U have any doubts just post me back...
loopstudioAuthor Commented:
I am trying it now as we are writing.

Im not using an import function, but I simply opened the SQL.
Then it said it was larger than 5 MB and I was asked if i wanted to run it without opening it. I answered yes.
lets see what happens. Its 14.3 MB.

The "problem" original was that when I was looking inside of the SQL there were missing a lot of INSERT INTO statements.. as far as I could see.. But ok, now I try actually running the script.
loopstudioAuthor Commented:
Hmm.. The running of the SQL file in HeidiSQL never stopped, so I finally killed it!

Now I have tried to import with the following:

mysql -u root -p password database < c:\backup\dumpfile.sql

BUT.. here nothing came into the db, because when I looked in HeidiSQL the newly created db for the purpose was still empty.

Oh it can simply not be true.. nor the dump or the restore works.. ;o(

Any ideas?

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