Vmware Infrastructure foundation and Veeam


I am using ESXi servers and i want to use VEEAM Backup and replaication software to replicate some VM to an ESX server.

What is the smallest VMware ESX package that will fit my need ?

Is Infrastructure foundation enough ??

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-Q-Connect With a Mentor Commented:

foundation will give you an ESX or ESXi (in your case ESX) license and also one for VCB.

This will also allow you to do direct restores to an ESX host.

You will need to install the Veeam software on the VCB Proxy.
egarrisonCEO / CTOCommented:
You should be able to do this fine with ESX or ESXi.  

fox54Author Commented:
As i can understand, if i buy Infrastructure Foundation (with ESX option) i will have all that i need.

I see that these packages are sold like "Gold Support for two processors for 1 year".  Does the product cease to work if i do not renew at the end of the year of i just loose the support and update option ??

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u loose support etc...

u know they have an smb options etc which might work in your favor.
fox54Author Commented:
But the product continue to work ??
Yeah. It's only 'mandatory' for the first year (they like to get ya any way they can lol).
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