Proxy server bound to multiple IPs

Is there a proxy server (pref windows, but *nix OK) that can be bound to multiple external IP addresses and randomly or sequentially pass the requests through one of the IPs.

I'd like to use such in order to create a web crawler that uses Internet Explorer (javascript etc). If IE is configured to use a single proxy server that forwards each request to a different IP, much better preformance can be gained.  

Does anyone know if any of the major proxy server already have this feature?

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You can do that with SNAT in iptables on linux. This page explains it:

"After a few weeks, the laptop user has convinced other users in the network of how wonderful the IRC is; so we have about 20-30 users connecting to the same IRC network. Now, they have started to complain about how difficult it is to get connected on the IRC network, because the IRC network only allows a few connections from the same IP address. We figure that 32 IP addresses are enough for them, so we call the provider to assign us a /27 public IP subnet. For a few dollars extra, they assign us We have to change the initial rule to:

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -j SNAT --to"
using multiple internet connections? If not, how is the speed going to be increased by the destinations being different, unless you we're connecting to the same server and they we're limitiing connecitons/speed..
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