Why are Google services so slow and rubbish now?

I've been a Google fan for a number of years now, but in the last few months - the services that I use are becoming so slow, unreliable - simply unbearable now.

Google Mail, PicassaWeb (online), Pages, Sites, Documents, Reader - they are all extremely slow after a few minutes of use. Half the time my page request is never actioned - so I have to hit F5 to refresh the whole Web Application.

Digsby is able to tell me when I receive a new email almost instantly, so that works ok. But actually opening Gmail.com is a painful experience now. My Nokia N96 is able to use the Mobile Gmail app ok - but that has it's own frustrations. Every link I click brings up a Google version of the page, divided into a number of pages. Or it loads a page saying that the page will not be reformatted - click Here to continue. No options to completely disable it - I just want the original page in it's original PC format.

I am accessing these services on different computers, behind different networks, and have even used different browsers. It's all the same. I can be on my fast home gaming PC, on my Dad's home PC, on my work laptop at work, on my work laptop on a train using my N96 Internet connection. Slow and unreliable is the result. I've also tried disabling Google Labs with no change.

I'm thinking of moving over to my seldom used Zoho free account. I haven't wasted much time in the Google Discussion groups, since that requires me to sign up to a whole discussion area where I either receive tons of emails about each updated thread, or no emails at all. I already have a gmail filter to delete all Google Groups emails from a previous attempt to ask something.

Have you experience the same issues? Are there any known fixes or malware that directly attack this? My work laptop (XP Pro SP3) has Symantec Endpoint Protection 11, and my home PC (Vista Ultimate x64) has Comodo Internet Security. I use IE7 mainly with the IE&Pro addon, and have used Chrome a few times on occasion.
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Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorAsked:
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Ryan_RConnect With a Mentor IT Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Google seems to have gotten their act together - performance is better on all PCs for me now without me changing anything locally.
I dont seem to have a problem with slow loading and having to hit f5 for refresh.

I would suggest looking over the internet connections you have as a starting point.

Check your connection speeds www.speedtest.net

If it isnt your intenet connection then the next thing is to look at the computers you are using?

Whats the performance counters show on them??

What % is the processor and ram running at?

When did you last run updates for the pcs and when did you last run spyware and malware scans?
Also i noticed you are running 4GB ram.

Vista will only use 3GB if it is a 32bt Operating system

It will only use the 4GB if it is 64bt version
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Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I previously stated I'm running 64bit Vista. I doubt 3GB as opposed to 4GB should make any difference to web-browsing.

My Home connection is 1.5mbps ADSL. Speedtest.net gives me just over 1200kbps.
The connection at work is usually even faster.
Mobile internet is usually between 256kbps to 1mbps depending on how close I am to the city.

These problems also affect my dad on his work PC and home laptop - so we're talking about quite a number of different computers and networks here.
works connection = multiple users using it (Has the admins set bandwith throttleing??)
And have you ran spyware/malware scans?
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Yes and yes

I'm an IT admin at work. Never used to have issues with Google before at any residence. Works connection comes from the University we are attached to, and up/down speeds are around 4mbps on average.

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