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HP Homeserver, domains, and trusts

I need some help with overcomming this problem.

I had created a Windows 2003 domain server and joined my Homeserver to it. The domain server was setup in a virtual machine stored on the homeserver. I had it running fine and it was running off of the homeserver itself. I also added my computer to the domain. With the security policies, I set it up to only allow access from the network and terminal services to the Domain Admins group (bad mistake). I always leave my homeserver on too, so the vm machine would always stay on as well. The shares on the homeserver were setup to be allowed to my domain account and the domain admins.

Problem came when I walked in today and found it inexplicably off. I luckily can login to my computer. Problem is... I cant login to my homeserver. As you can see, I cant remote into it cause the login's are denied access. I cant access the vm to start it up because it's only avail to the domain accounts, and since domain server is offline, cant logon. I cant access the homeserver locally, cause as we know, it doesnt have a display (I was looking into the usb adaptor > VGA, but I dont know if it would install).

So, there's my problem. I dont believe u can take out the harddrives and plug them in individually and take the info off them. I tried creating a replica domain vm server, but doesnt work because of the trust issues. I dont know where to begin with it.
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Should be able to extract VM from Home Server and fire up on another machine to get your domain controller back. Use a bartpe or similar boot disk, or slave the drive in the second machine to get the virtual machine.
helloandhizAuthor Commented:
I figured out why it shut down... seems that since Windows Home Server is considered Windows 2003 Small Business server, it doesnt have licensing to be joined to a domain and will shutdown after 60 minutes of being attached to a domain for migration purposes. Time to do some experimenting it seems.
Yes also limited to 10 client connections to the home server.
Check out these links (and the rest of the website)

I would advice to put AD on the WHS itself, not on a seperate VM.
That way your WHS aka SBS is your primairy DC and you are not in trouble of the EULA.
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