squish configuration

hi all,
             can anybody help me in configuring squish step by step.

i am using squid in rhel5 and users are taking the authentication from widows 2008 server(active directory)
i want to block the students whose overall access of internet increases above 100mb.
any help will be helpful
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Monis MontherSystem ArchitectCommented:
There are many tags that limit download sizes in squid


and you configure delay pools, try to download a book called

squid the definitive guide

ALso check this site for squid and anything else you want


Note: Best documentation you will find in squid is the squid.conf file
JATENDER1979Author Commented:

it will not be possible for me to add all the client and then set their limit one by one.
is there any other way. I have 5000 users with me .
any help
you have to use such a syntax:

.*            4h/day  20Mb/day   20h/week      100Mb/week

for example, to catch everybody
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