Questions about Western Digital MyBook Remote Access Storage

A friend of mine just bought a Western Digital - My Book World Edition 1TB Remote Access Storage System.

His plan is to use it as a file server and to house a dBase database for network access.
I am not familiar with these devices at all.

Can a networked database application that uses dBase files read/write the dBase files if they are stored on one of these devices?

He has already ran into strange issues with file permissions just trying to copy files up to the device.  (He copied a folder from his laptop to the device and then he tried to create a new folder inside the copied folder and it would not let him.)
And now he can't delete files that he copied up to the device.

I couldn't figure out how you control permissions.
He does not have the software installed that came with the drive because it was messing up his drive letters.  So he uninstalled it.

I was able to http into the device, but I still couldn't see any obvious ways to control file level permissions.  
And from his XP machine when you right-click a folder on the device you can't get to any security settings.

Is this a decent product?  Should he return it and get something different?
I googled the product and found some less than favorable reviews...

Any suggestions here would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Kevin.
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coredatarecoveryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dbase files can be stored here, however, I don't recommend you run the database thru the network from here.

The NAS permissions can be set in the device check the manual for default login info.

You can only control security settings in windows to drives that are attached to the computer, not drives on remote NAS. There is a web control panel with permission settings on the device at the ip address of the box.

RincewindwizzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are flavours of dbase (e.g. dbxl) that provide decent network support (record locking etc). Provided the application is working under one of these it should be fine. But without decent network support, your proposal sounds risky.

Re permissions: I thought My Book had a webstyle  interface which you need to use to set permissions. As standard, you can only set permissions from the device on which you are setting the permissions.

Reinstall the software and you will probably gain access  to the necessary facilities. For example,


Good Luck

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