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Wireless internet access lost after installing AVG free

A friend has just bought a new lenovo S10e with windows Xp preloaded and wireless ready.
I set up the the wireless LAN to join her peer-to-peer network and was able to access the internet immediately.
No antivirus came with the machine, so downloaded AVG free from the internet and installed it.
Then when attempting to update AVG, internet access was no longer available.

The machine still detects wireless networks and is still connected to her LAN. Why has internet access been lost? This happened to me once before and only "solved" the problem then by linking a cable between wireless router and PC.

I'm missing the fix for this which I suspect is simple(!)
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It sounds like a firewall. Check if the AVG free comes with a software firewall. If so make sure you allow ports 80 and 8080.
It may allow you to choose apps which have access instead of just choosing ports. If so then make sure IE has full access.
AVG Free is antivirus only; the firewall is only available in the paid version. So that's not the problem. And I understand the author to be saying that all Internet access has been lost, not just for AVG's updates.

A couple of choices: Do the normal steps for troubleshooting loss of Internet access, or uninstall AVG, potentially including a system restore to just before the AVG install, and see if that resolves the problem. (I assume you've already done a complete shutdown of the computer and restart, not just a reboot.)

Standard steps for troubleshooting:

1) Reset Winsock and IP stack:
At command prompt, give the following commands (on separate lines):
    netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
    netsh winsock reset catalog
Check your access again.

2) ping www.yahoo.com
Do you get a response?
If not, ping
Do you get a response? If you get a response to the numbers but not the name, you have a DNS problem. If you get no response to the numbers, but other computers on the network are having no problems with Internet access, then your IP setup is pretty thoroughly messed up. Since it's a brand-new computer, probably the best solution in this case would be to reset to factory conditions (i.e., reinstall the system).

Perhaps others will chime in with additional steps to try, but that's what comes to my mind at the moment.

tiggermarkAuthor Commented:
(Thank you both for the replies. Unfortunately I have to be away unexpectedly for the next few days and won't have time to try things. But I have uninstalled AVG and am now back on the internet. That is as far as I've got. I'll be back in touch soon. Thanks.)
tiggermarkAuthor Commented:
The problem after uninstalling AVG is that the lenovo cannot be made to join a peer-to-peer home network any more! The adsl modem router assigns an ip address to it when the lenovo is booted up, but the router does not recognize the lenovo name (calls it unknown). Pinging the lenovo with the assigned ip address from the router fails.

Then I noticed in network properties a Symantec item in the list of LAN items (along with TCP/IP, etc). (How did that get there?) AVG and Norton are surely incompatible. Only thing to do is a reset to factory conditions as recommended above. Turns out that the factory default was not quite the same as configuration as sent. After reset, the levono simply joined the home network as expected and access to internet through the LAN successful (both wired and wireless).

Next, downloaded and ran the norton removal tool since the factory reset shows Norton Internet Security partially installed. This did not remove a shortcut to install Symantec NIS nor a whole load of stuff in c:\swtools\apps\nortonis. Left that there and just deleted the shortcut.

Have now loaded AVG free successfully and it has updated itself.

This levono was bought on ebay as a "new" item but was obviously not quite as new as we thought.
Thanks ElrondCT for the suggestion to restore factory system. That did the trick. Points are yours!
I give this history simply that others may benefit.
tiggermarkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.

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