Print Spooler Files will not delete

Trying to debug a slow startup on a Toshiba Tecra new notebook.  Less than 1 year old.

Was taking forever starting up.  I looked at CPU processes and found spoolsv.exe was the 2nd most used by CPU in task manager.  Google advised it was the print spooler.

I stopped the print spool services, and was able to delete the 51800 spl & shd files.


I don't know why the files didn't delete themselves through normal printing.  I'm concerned they will just come back over time.

Windows XPP sp2 and only printer is HP OfficeJet V40xi, Quickbook PDF Converter .. Checked HP web site and the printer driver is the most current.

Thinking of updating to XP sp3 ??

HELP Please

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BBraytonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I stopped the service, deleted the files manually then restarted svc.

System runs fine, now but concerned spool files will build up again.

I guess the question is what can we do to insure they are removed after printing?
idumlupinarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello, you say that you killed the process manually. Did you try to stop and restart Print Spooler Service?

You can check out running services via Start > Run and typing "services.msc" without quotes.
BBraytonAuthor Commented:
Did not receive any answers related to my question.  One reply but didn't address the question asked.
BBrayton, did you consider an upgrade of SP3? I don't know it will solve your problem as you stated in your comment, but you can always roll back to sp2, because Windows XP creates a restore point while updating to SP3.
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