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Access to hard disk Volume ID

I am writing an application in C-Plus-Plus using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. I want access to the Volume ID of the hard disk of the machine on which the application will run. I can get at it with a DOS command within System(), but that makes the screen flash annoyingly. Is there a function within MFC or Win32 that provides direct access?
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1 Solution
this api function should help you:

StMike38Author Commented:
The function GetVolumeInformation is exactly what is needed. The FoxPro documentation is a little off target, but still helpful.
StMike38Author Commented:
Here is a little C++ snippet that is not elegant, but it works. The Volume ID shows up in Test[0].
#include <windows.h>
    long          Test[2] ;
    char buf2[256], buf3[256] ;
    LPCTSTR lpRootPathName  = "C:\\" ;
    LPTSTR lpVolumeNameBuffer = buf2 ;
    DWORD nVolumeNameSize = 256 ;
    LPDWORD lpVolumeSerialNumber = (LPDWORD) Test ;
    LPDWORD lpMaximumComponentLength = (LPDWORD) 256 ;
    LPDWORD lpFileSystemFlags = 0 ;
    LPTSTR lpFileSystemNameBuffer = buf3 ;
    DWORD nFileSystemNameSize = 256;
    BOOL Okay = GetVolumeInformation( lpRootPathName, lpVolumeNameBuffer,
            nVolumeNameSize, lpVolumeSerialNumber, lpMaximumComponentLength,
            lpFileSystemFlags, lpFileSystemNameBuffer, nFileSystemNameSize);

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