Openssh on a 2008 domain controller.

I have installed openssh on a 2008 domain controller. When I try to create the group or users I ge the following error:

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSSH>bin\mkgroup -d mydomain>> C:\Program Files (x86)
Cannot get PDC, code = 2453

I need to set upa SFTP server for our use in this NOC.
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It seem Openssh use NT base domain PDC primary domain controller. Is there a way to run 2008 in compatibility mode ? as 2003 does.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Sorry about the delay. Priority projects took over.

Configures in compatibility mode but the service will not start.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Solution was to set up ssh on a 2003 server and map to the files on the 2008 share
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