All emails from OWA and iPhone go to drafts and are not sent

Last week all of the emails from my iPhone (via Exchange 2007) started going to my Drafts folder instaed of sending like normal. Upon further investigation, I found that my OWA account does the same thing. I only have the one iPhone of course but I have tried OWA from multiple computers and I get the same thing. No changes lately other than a new laptop. That was a couple of weeks before this started though. Help!!
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pmasseycpaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It wound up being a bug when CRM 4.0 and Outlook 2007 are installed on a Terminal Server and the Outlook client is left open.  When I close Outlook, it all works fine.
Do you have any Antivirus like Symantec mail security installed on the Exchange Server? If yes, then try disabling the same and then give it a try using OWA.
pmasseycpaAuthor Commented:
This only affects my account though. Wouldn't that imply that it would affect everyone?
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What is the result if a mail sent using MS Outlook?
If the mails remain in the Outbox, using Outlook, then restart Ms Exchange Mail Submission service and compare the result.
pmasseycpaAuthor Commented:
MS Outlook client works perfectly fine.
pmasseycpaAuthor Commented:

Does anyone else have an idea on this issue, i am experiencing the same thing.

Exch 2007 (Latest SP etc) with iPhone 3g on latest firmware.

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