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I have had a curve for a while now and love it.  I was just wondering if like the Moto Q it was possible to find a contact based on the phone number.   I mean by at the home screen if you were to just start typing the phone number of a contact that it would reslove it or try to reslove whatever number you are tying in.  So if the contact John Smith had a phone number of 555-555-1234  and you started just typing in 555 it would relove any contacts that started with 555

I was just used to that on the Q and loved that feature.   Just curious if the curve has that ability.

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Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, on your device open the phone application (a.k.a. Call Log) by pressing the green send key.  Then press the menu button (left of the trackball) and select Options > General Options > Set Dial from Home screen to Yes > Exit and Save.  Now from the home screen just start typing John for example and it will display all Johns and the numbers.  So unlike your Motorola you just start typing the name instead of the number.
montyjenkinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I did come across that info.  I was just curious if like the Q the blackberry would resolve numbers to names vs. typing in John and having it show all the John's in the address book.

I know it might sound like an odd request but a few clients have been bugging/complaining about it since that is what they were used to.   You know how it goes with change for some people  : )

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Unfortunately it cant be done but it would be a useful option.
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