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Dynaset inconsisent interfering with my linked tables

Hi - I have a query that is made up of several tables, some of which are linked fields so that change the value of other fields (for example, select NJ and New Jersey pops up in a corresponding field; select CT and Connecticut appears in a corresponding field, etc.).

I set the form to Dynaset Inconsistent (as I understand I am to do because the query is made up of multiple tables), however, when I do so the fields that have linked tables (i.e. NJ and CT) no longer update the corresponding fields.

Do I "need" to do dynaset inconsisent?  If I remove this, the problem is solved (although I am fearful it may create other problems).  Or is there a way to maintain the integrity of the linked tables/corresponding fields?

A sample attached
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

<I set the form to Dynaset Inconsistent (as I understand I am to do because the query is made up of multiple tables),>
From what source did you get this information from?

As far as I can tell, there is no reason to turn on Inconsistient Updates in your query.
Unles you can state a specific issue that turning Inconsistient Updates on will fix, then leave the Recordset Type property set to: Dynaset

Another note:
Most developers cringe when lookup Fields are used in the Tables.
Create your Lookup comboboxes in the form.
It is just as easy.
Drop a combobox on the form and follow the wizard ("I want the combo box to look up...")


You can change the form's dataset type to "Dynaset (Inconsistant Updates)" to make the form updatable in some cases.  If the form in updateable with just Dynaset, them you do not need to use "Dynaset (Inconsistant Updates)".  If that doesn't work, you need to change the query or use Update or Insert queries to update the data.  Type "When can I update data from a query?" in MSAccess help answer wizard for more information on when queries (datasets) are updatable or check this link:
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

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