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Hi, at work for our data research, we have to log into an online account with a browser (currently we use IE 7.0) and once logged in, we have access to the  message board. For our research, every single post has to be manually scanned by one of us. Sometimes theres 10- 20  new postings, so in that case it is easy for us to scan over them; I just hold the CTRL button and click each link. Then each page I click loads in a new tab. Once we finish scanninfg over each page, we close the tab and proceed to the next one.

But sometimes theres 40 or 50 new postings in a day. Sometimes on the weekends, there are up to 100 new postings, sometimes even more. What I try to do is click 4-5 links then pause untill the pages catch up and finish downloading all the content. Once the pages have fully loaded (the little spinny icon near refresh button stops spinning) I click 4-5 usually I click 4-5 links, pause for 5-6 seconds, click 4-5 more links, ect.

However my problem is after 12 or more tabs load, the IE browser goes REAL slow, and I do controll alt and delete, and it shows a memory leak (300,000 k of memory being used)

As far as my system goes, its a decent laptop, a hp pavilion DV9000 searies.

Does anyone reccommend an easier way to view these posts? When I am limited to loading 10-12 pages only, I often forget and sometimes scan a page that I had already scanned over. If I load all the links first though, I cant make that mistake since after I scan over the post that tab gets closed.
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Hello d_lypase,

I recomment Firefox 3.0+  It has easy tab management.  Tabs load quickly.  FF3 has little memory leak, so when you close a tab and open new tab, your memory does not fill up.

Hope this helps!
Yes I also use Firefox. IE is the worst when compared with firefox or chrome.
Also Firefox has nice tools to improve the tab management, here is one of them:
d_lypaseAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  

war1- In responce to your post, you said "FF3 has little memory leak, so when you close a tab and open new tab, your memory does not fill up".

If it had a memory leak, wouldnt that mean the memory would fill up? Is that what you meant to say? If so, that means I shouldn't use version 3.0 correct?
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Memory leak means that when you close a tab, data is left in memory.  So RAM fills up quickly and computer slows down.  FF3 have very little leak, meaning data is removed when you closed a tab.  Memory does not fill up as fast.  Makes for faster navigation.

I suggested FF3 over FF2 because FF2 does have memory leaks.  This problem in FF2 was corrected in FF3.
Shut off tabs in Firefox and open each post in a new copy of Firefox.  I easily keep 15 browser windows open simultaneously, with no slowdown.  I have found Internet Explorer 7 to be unstable in recent months, but especially when using tabbed browsing.

While in Firefox, go up to Tools, Options..., Tabs tab, then, under "New pages should be opened in:" select "a new window."  Alternatively, you could right-click a hyperlink in Firefox and select "Open Link in a New Window."
I do this all the time for discussion boards- I often open bunches of windows, then sift through each page, closing 1 at a time (if i dont need it). I often open up as many as 40 windows with no problem. once maybe 20 pages are loaded, to avoid a crash, give the comp time to update and ensure the last page is fully loaded. if you let the pages load fully then click a new page, chances of a crash are much lower. ps I use firefox too.
google chrome
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