1) This is related to the CCNA Exam.
2) This is the problem discussed in one of the prep test (Please see the attached file).
3) The given question: "Please study the attachment, what is the most likely reason for the DISPARITY betweeen the actual network numbers at the branches and the routes in the routing table on R1 router?"
4) My question: Please explain (as detail as possible) what does this question mean?
5) Thank you

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lpackerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The question was asking why the RIP statements did not match the actual branch networks exactly. Why are they different.  The route statement that routes traffic to R2 does not list each advertised network that R2 is directly connected to.
that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
RIPv1 is a classlfull routing protocol, meaning it does not send the subnet mask with updates. So the and .64 are assumed to be Class C subnets and the route is sent out as network as the "Sh route" states.

Make sense.

Now if R2 was using RIPv2 (Classless) then the actual subnet mask would also be sent in the routing update and "Sh route" would show both routes
tjieAuthor Commented:
-I need the Explanation of the "given question" (Not the given answer)
- Please say it with your own wordings: what does this question ask for
- Thank you
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