Member of SBS 2008 domain gets IP but cannot ping External


I have a SBS 2008 domain with 2 other member servers.  One of the member servers is Server 2008, the other is 2003.  The member servers are also virtual machines on VMWare Server 2.0 which is installed on the SBS 08 server

I recently changed the gateway IP of my router (Sonicwall TZ 180) and then all of my internet and DNS didn't work on the domain.

I wound up having to change the IP address of the SBS server and run the Fix my internet wizard.  This resolved the issue with the SBS server and the Windows 2003 server.

Now on my Windows 2008 server I get an IP address from DHCP and it cannot ping external such as  I can resolve internal DNS.

This is very bizarre, on this PC is our website so this is URGENT to get resolved!
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btnyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Unsure of resolution, had to wipe the server
btnyAuthor Commented:
Also, if I change the IP of the server, everything works....  But I do not know why that is and do not want to have to change the IP
What is your scope, gateway, and subnet?
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