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I recently began constructing an extremely basic website using a prefab website builder at  It has given me all of the functionality I need except for one. That is the ability to create hyperlinks to a different location in the same page.  The website builder allows me to create links to other pages in my website and to external sites but in order to create a link to a different location in the same page, tech support told me I would need to use HTML.

Specifically, the thing I am wanting to do is create an FAQ page with the very common format in which all of the questions are listed together at the top (without any answers) but have each question be a hyperlink that takes the user to a location lower in the page to see the answer.

I have no experience or knowledge of HTML so if doing what I want would be biting off more than I could chew, that's fine. However, if it is not too complicated and could be explained to me once in a way that I could just repeat the process over and over again for each of the questions, that would be great.

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to be more specific

<a href="#firstanchor">This is the first question</a> <<<--- The text will be the link to click on

somewhere down the page where you will have the answer

<a name="firstanchor"></a>  <<<--- this will not be visible on the webpage
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You need to thing

1) the link   <a href="#firstanchor">
2) the anchor <a name="firstanchor">

you can replace firstanchor by whatever you need of course

the link will redirect where you put the anchor on the page
correction: "you need to thing" should be "you need two things"
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