CCNA Exam: ACL # 3


1) This is related to CCNA Exam.
2) This is related to the question discussed at one of the prep test
3) The question: " In this network, an access list has been designed to prevent HTTP traffic from the subnet from reaching the server at"
4) I know the ACL will be:
-deny tcp eq 80
-permit ip any any
5) My question: Does this ACL will result in the same effect if we put the other way round, such as
-permit ip any any
-deny tcp eq 80
6)If it is wrong, what is the effect of the later ACL?
7) Thank you


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atlas_shudderedSr. Network EngineerCommented:
No Tije, the second ACL will allow all traffic.  Each packet that hits the ACL will be allowed through with the first line, never reaching the second or the implicit deny all which follows.
Atlas is 100% correct ACL's are processed from the top down. The first ACL that matches will allow the traffic through unimpeded. The second ACL will never be processed by the router or switch.

tjieAuthor Commented:
- Yes, the one that i thought
- Once i made a typo mistake and continued and wrote it again after the following row; i should delete it at  the first place
- Thank you for the confirmation from both of you
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