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Is Mac Linux based?

Is Mac Linux based?
4 Solutions
Macs are hardware so I'll assume you're asking about OSX.

It's based on the mach kernal which is a BSD microkernal. It started out as the NeXT OS called OPENSTEP and was brought with Steve Jobs when he returned to Apple and developed into OSX. In the more recent versions of OSX you can install the X11 runtimes and run linux software.
They are pretty close to complete opposites in most senses.

Mac is closed architecture--meaning that their systems are designed so that any old person will have a very hard time creating software compatible with Macintosh operating systems--this way they can make money, and also limit the threat of viruses.

Microsoft operating systems are open architecture, meaning that anyone can create software to run on a Microsfot OS. However, Microsoft does make money on selling the operating system, upgrades, and software. It is a lot cheaper and easier to make software for Microsoft operating systems than for Mac, which is why the software is more diverse, cheaper, and also why these computers are at risk for viruses.

Linux is an extreme of open architecture. It is completely free, and non-corporate. There is plenty of free software available to Linux users developed by amateur software designers, professionals, and non-profits. Linux can be difficult for an amateur computer user because it is not developed to be user friendly (Microsoft and Mac are motivated by money to make it very user friendly, because Linux is not a profit generating operating system, it is not as user friendly.)

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David, please disregard Max's response as it is almost entirely inaccurate.
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sits on top of unix
Take a look at this wiki page.  While Mac OS X does have some history in BSD, it is not completely opensource. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X
Both OS X and Linux are Unix or Unix-like systems. and both follow the POSIX standard, but neither is based on the other
Mac is a hardware, OS-X (ie. Leopard) is a software, and this software is based on Unix BSD familly.
More about this you can find on wiki.

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