How can I edit these two pages in phpList

Hi There,
I am trying to add some formatting to these two pages:

I cannot see where to do this at all.  In particular there is a div tag:


which I cannot find in any of the files that are downloaded with the program.  Where on earth is it coming from.  How Can I change it?
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Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperAsked:
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lesavareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The CSS file is at
You should be able to configure the styles there. The <link> to it is just after the <title> in both pages.
Otherwise you should look at

Does this solve your question?
Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
no, sorry it doesn't.
I knewe the phplist.css but I cannot find adminmessage  for example in that?
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