dns problem?-cant connect to internet

I have two computers
Both are connected to a combined wireless modem/router

The first is connected by a cable and has no problem connecting to the internet

The second, connected by wireless, manages to establish a good connection to the router and to the wireless network (Shows strong connection signal) but shows an error message:

Cannot connect-DNS or server problem.

I am unsure what to do next

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Did you get an IP from the router? (If you are using Windows, go to the Command Line and type ipconfig <Enter Key>). Can you see that your wireless adapter got an IP?
A "strong signal" is not a proof that you are already connected to the Wireless Modem.
You should view the list of available wireless networks, choose your wireless Modem, and select Connect.

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topUKlawyerAuthor Commented:
hi, thanks

very strangely, although i have had this problem for several days, i went back to the computer after posting this question and it connected straight away!!!!!

Thanks for the points :)  
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