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How to display if all predecessors are 100% completed or not. i.e. a task is ready to proceed or not in MSP web access

Task A is predecessor of Task B
i want "ready to proceed" or "not ready to proceed" flag in a customized column for:

1) If Task A is 100% complete, customized column should give value "Ready to proceed" for Task B.

2) If Task A is < 100% complete, customized column should give value "Not Ready to proceed" for Task B.
As soon as the task manager of Task A updates the % completion status of Task A as 100%, the task manager of Task B should get value of "Ready to proceed" on MS Project 2007 web access system

Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
You won't be able to do this with just a calculated field. To get your desired result, you will need to use VBA/macros.

One of the complications will be that tasks can have multiple predecessors that you need to check.

I'd guess that a macro to loop through a project and set these fields appropriately will be between 50 to 100 lines: not too complicated.

A great starting point for this macro would be the TaskLinks Macro (Module 24) from Rod Gill's "VBA Programming for Microsoft Office Project":

Are you comfortable with a VBA solution?

James Fraser
Nishant_BhagwatAuthor Commented:
James, thanks for reply.

I am not a programmer but with a little struggle, I have now written a macro to do this successfully. But have to run the macro each time when I make changes to % completion field.

1) Is there any function in VBA for MS Project 2007 which will trigger the macro automatically as soon as % completion field is altered?
2) We have MS Project server too. Can we set my VBA scrip (my macro) to run automatically after a certain interval (let's say after each 8hrs) on my MS Project file or on the server database?

Thank you.

Question 2) first:
Your macro needs to run in Project, the client. It can't run in/on the server. The server does not support VBA.

Question 1):
You can connect this VBA code to different events. You can't narrow down to the % change event, but you could use the project or tasks change events, which will run the code on any change. The problem will be that this may slow project down considerably, depending on the size of your project.


James Fraser
Nishant_BhagwatAuthor Commented:
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