how to print custom values in custom template in drupal

HI i have created a content type call "mycontent"

it has 2 fields

Label: MyText , Name: mytext , type: Text
Label: MyImage , Name: myimage , type: Image

All good so far, I have create a custom theme and inside this i have included


my quesiton is, how do i get at the variables.

I wish to $mytext

I can render global variables ie $content
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You don't mention if you are using CCK or if you've written your own module for the custom content type.  If you've written your own module and all is working, the new field should be available to your node's tpl template as $mytext.

I guess it's not otherwise you wouldn't be writing here. So, areas to check:

1. Add   <?php print_r(get_defined_vars()); ?> to you node's tpl file for debugging just to see what variables are getting across. If you can, I'd recommend enabling the devel module and using   <?php krumo(get_defined_vars()); ?> instead as it gives a much better variables display.

2. Check your module's hook_load (<modulename>_load) function to make sure you are telling Drupal about your new variable, at the most basic level, it should look something like this:

function yourmodulename_load($node) {
      $newfields = array();
      $newfields['custom_field'] = 'Custom Field Value';      
      return $newfields;

(In the example above, this now makes $custom_field available to node.tpl)

3. If you want your new field to appear within the $content automatically, create a hook_view function like this:

function yourmodulename_view($node,$teaser = FALSE, $page = FALSE) {
       $node = node_prepare($node, $teaser);

      if (!$teaser) {

            $node->content['custom_field'] = array(
                  '#value' => 'Custom field value',
                  '#weight' => 1,
      return $node;

If none of this makes sense or isn't working, just let me know and I'll try to help.

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frosty1Author Commented:
excellent response.much appreciated
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