Restoring Microsoft Exchange information store, from an image

Here is the scenario, please read carefully for an accurate understanding of this headache : )

Windows SBS 2003 - Microsoft Exchange 2003 - Disaster Recovery -

I am restoring the majority of a domain controller from Symantec Backup Exec and tape.  The problem is, the most current backup tape corrupted during the catalog process.  I am going to restore the majority of the server from an earlier tape, but the problem is, a week worth of Microsoft Exchange data will be missing on that earlier tape.  

Now here is the meat of the question:

I took an "image" of the server before the recovery process, because I had been having issues with the tape drive for months, and did not trust it to be the only way back.  Is there a way to restore the Microsoft Exchange Information Store, from an image?  The software I used is called, drive snapshot.

Thanks a million!!
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anvansterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I understand correctly you've being using this software for creating snapshots.
It has an option of mounting existing snapshot as virtual drive, so you can explore it in Windows explorer and recover exchange information store files.

About restoring Exchange Information Store refer to 
I recommend you to create most recent image just in case...
anvansterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Restore procedure on Petri site:
Just skip NTBACKUP steps, replace it with copying from Image Explorer in your case
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