Remove foreign language audio which is dubbed over the original english audio


I have a video which has a foreign language audio dub over the original english audio. Still we hear the english behind the foreign language.

The file is rmvb type.

Is it possible to remove foreign language audio? If so, how to achieve this task?
If it is not possible, what is the best method to control dubbed sound?
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This is grave. I'm sorry for it; looks like the software is incompatible with some other driver or background process you are running. I couldn't know.

Try to start the PC in Safe Mode (press F8 when Windows boots up, select Safe Mode in the menu), and uninstall AVS.
You might also try the "Last known good configuration" option from the same menu.

If you get blue screens again, please try to write down exactly what they say about the error.
You may only remove the dubbed audio or control it separately if it is registered on a separate audio track.

Check with a good video editing software that supports rmvb whether there are several audio tracks in the movie. If you don't have such software, the trial version of AVS should do:
MaduKpAuthor Commented:
I tired with AVS Video editor. I got it the place where you have mentioned. When installation is completing, it is generating windows blue error screen. there after i have issues to logged in the pc as well as i was not able to connect to the internet. After few tries, i gave up it. Do u have any suggestions pls?
MaduKpAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I tired the safe mode and fixed that issue. However.. I didn't solved my problem yet. I am going to closing the thread and i appreciate torimar's effort regarding this matter.
I would be delightful if some one can give me a sound solution. The original sound track is English. It was dubbed by some other language. I still can hear English words..
MaduKpAuthor Commented:
Didn't solve the problem though torimar's idea is correct.
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