OWA 2003 urlscan "like" problem but its not installed

I am getting "The page cannot be found" whenever I try to view an email with ":" in the subject line.

I've search on this site and googled the problem.  Everyone says its a urlscan problem but I don't have that installed.  I did try installing it and allowing ":" but still get the "The page cannot be found" error when tryign to view messages.  I've since uninstalled urlscan, still have the problem..

I'm running Exchange 2003 on a Win3k box with IIS6

Anyone run into this before?
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megarryConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the solution to my problem.

On the Exchange server start Internet Information Services (IIS).  Right click the Exchange folder from the Default Web Site then select properties.

Next select the Configuration& button on the Virtual Directory tab.

In the Wildcard application maps (order of implementation): section, notice the davex.dll file. Press the Edit& button.

Uncheck the Verify that file exists checkbox and press the OK button three times to close all the open forms and close the IIS manager program.

Stop then start the IIS service. Type iisreset /stop and iisreset /start at the command prompt to stop and start the IIS service.

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