Exchange 2007 Licensing: How many do I need ?

We are planning to transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. Our co. has offices at multiple locations. The plan is to deploy CCR cluster across two locations. Here is what the design will look like:
Site A: Mailbox Server Active Node (A)
           Mailbox Server Passive Node (B)
           Hub Transport Box
           CAS Box
Site B: Mailbox Server Active Node (B)
           Mailbox Server Passive Node (A)
           Hub Transport Box
           CAS Box

How many Exchange Server 2007 licenses will I need ? According to information I have, a license is needed for each Exchange 2007 installation ? So does that mean with the above design I will need 8 licenses ?


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Volume Licensing = discounted is absolutely right
Any specific reason why you are planning on NLB'ing only the CAS?
You can also NLB the cluster
Lastly, combining both HUB and CAS on one server will not cause any issues
That is correct. You need an enterprise license for each node that you install. So you will need 8 licenses. Details here:


Exchange Server is licensed in the Server / Client Access License (CAL) model. Under this model, an Exchange Server license is required for each operating system environment running Exchange Server. A CAL is required for each user or device accessing Exchange Server. 

So yes you would need 8 Licenses.
Since you require so many licenses why dont you just opt for Volume Licensing?  

Microsoft also has a License Advisor tool
You need to choose the product you wish to use and number of users that are going to access this product and it will give you the number of licenses required

Use this tool and you will get an estimate of number of Licenses required

In the link below click on "Launch Microsoft License Advisor"
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MandarGokhleAuthor Commented:
Alright. I think you meant each *role* as well.
MandarGokhleAuthor Commented:
@ FearNoMore: So Volume Licensing would just give my organization the same number of licenses ( in my case 8) but at a better (read: discounted) price. Is that right ?
Since this question carries 500 points, i have a non-related yet related 2nd question: I am planning to use NLB between the CAS servers (since I am not going to deploy OWA & use CAS only for auto-discovery, using NLB-enabled CAS boxes that are in different sites should not be an issue i am guessing)......if I combine the Hub & CAS roles on a single box (HubCas) & thereby save the cost of 2 additional licenses, will there be a problem ? In other words, does putting both roles on a single box cause issues ?
You will need eight licenses, but not all of them will need to be Enterprise edition.

HUB and CAS do not need to be Enterprise, so you will need Enterprise edition of both Windows and Exchange for the mailbox servers, but standard edition of Windows and Exchange will be fine for Hub and CAS (and an Edge if that is being deployed).

MandarGokhleAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot guys. I have been seeking clarity on licensing for sometime now. Points have been split considering the extra (& useful) info provided.
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