IE 7 broswer slow to locate site after "Automatically Detect Settings" turned on

Due to implement a Proxy server at the office and allow IE 7 to locate proxy automatically, I turned on the "Automatically Detect Settings" option in IE.  However, I found that if using a laptop at home while this option is on, some web sites are not easy to be located as quick as usual.

I implemented a WPAD at the office, which allow proxy server to be detected in office and the user who did not change the proxy setting on IE while working on a laptop computer at home.

Is there any solution to let the IE 7 locate web site as fast as it can when the "Automatically Detect Settings" option is ON.
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Unfortunately, I dont think so. Even IE6 would be slower, but nowhere to the extent Of IE7.... I havent seen this issue for a while, but have you ensured that ALL updates/patches for IE are up to date?
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