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My Computer will not boot and says I need to run the chkdsk utility


I have a relatively new laptop and it all of the sudden stopped working.  When I try to boot it up it gives me the error "the file or directory C:\Windows\Registration is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility."

However, since I cannot get to my desktop then how can I run that utility?

It is Vista 64bit Windows Ultimate edition
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1 Solution
Gary DewrellSenior Network AdministratorCommented:
Seen this many times. You can try to use F8 during bootup to  boot to safe mode with networking  but that probably will not work. What I do is use the Ultimate Boot CD. It is free for download and has many usefull tools. You can boot to the CD and then run the chkdsk utility.

hadhazi1Author Commented:

I did download the software, but it keeps speaking about Windows XP and the instructions say somehting about having to burn/build it from and XP computer, etc....

As I am rather a novice, I was hoping for something that I could just download and stick into my other computers cd rom to get it to the desktop so that I could run the chkdsk.....

This software seems a bit above my head....

Gary DewrellSenior Network AdministratorCommented:
Just bun the download to CD in anotherh computer. Then boot your vista box from the CD. You will see a menu that says hard disk options. One option will be chkdsk. It works on vista. I have used several times.
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Do you have a Vista installation DVD?  You can also boot to that and run chkdsk from there:   CHKDSK C: /R

The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is definitely a great tool, but if you don't have a retail copy of Windows XP to use to build the CD, then you should use your Vista DVD instead.  If you didn't get one with your computer, then download the making for this Vista Recovery CD and build it.  You can boot to it, then select Repair my computer, then run CHKDSK from the Command Prompt section.

try booting in safe mode - hit F8 during boot.
if you can run the chkdsk, then reboot
hadhazi1, any feedback?
hadhazi1Author Commented:
Hi Lee

I went to http://neosmart.net/blog/2008/windows-vista-recovery-disc-download/

And I think I followed the instructions pretty well...

I downloaded the 64 bit version from http://neosmart.net:6969/torrent.html?info_hash=fbf47dd7d63708ea2e7acac1709747c5f7eb94b5

Then per the instructions I downloaded the torrent file and then downloaded utorrent to download the full file.

Then it says to burn the "ISO" file to a CD using some software called imgburn
However, when I downloaded the torrent via utorrent it was not a ISO file.  It was a zip file.  I extracted the zip file into a folder on my desktop and there were two folders and one single file extracted totaling 147 mb

One folder was called "boot" and the other folder called "Sources" and the single file called "bootmgr"
I thought I would also go ahead and copy the contents of the folders to the root just in case it did not know to look into the folders.

I copied all of the contents onto a CD using the software that came with my computer rather than using "imgburn" and then I tried to "boot from the CD"

I have never really tried to boot from a CD before but I think I got it right as the drive began to move.  However, it did not seem to do anything.  It just kind of stalled.  I let it sit for about 45 minutes and it was just a dark blank screen with the mouse arrow.

The files that were on the disk were:


But like I said, I did not see what they said would be an "ISO" file.
When I go to f2 that is the PhoenixBios Set-up utility
When I go to f-12 that is the boot menu where I can choose cd/dvd/cd-rw drive
When I go to f-8 that is the "Advanced Boot Options" screen that give options such as booting in safe mode (which I have tried and does not work)

Please let me know if I have done something incorrectly.


hadhazi1Author Commented:
Ok, it has now been fixed.  I did an online chat with Dell Tech support as detailed below.

 8:49:55 PM                   System       Thanks for choosing chat for your technical support needs. A chat agent will be with you shortly. Just so you know, you can also visit our website at support.dell.com to get technical help.
 8:51:25 PM                   System       You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
 8:51:25 PM                   System       Connected with Shashi_105871
 8:51:30 PM                   Shashi_105871       Thank you for contacting DELL XPS Hardware Premium Support. My name is Shashi and my rep id is 105871. How may I assist you today?
 8:51:31 PM                   User       hi
 8:51:39 PM                   Shashi_105871       Hello Stephen.
 8:51:51 PM                   User       I have a Dell Laptop Studio XPS 13
 8:52:13 PM                   User       When I try to boot it up it gives me the error "the file or directory C:\Windows\Registration is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility."

However, since I cannot get to my desktop then how can I run that utility?
 8:53:45 PM                   Shashi_105871       Stephen, I will certainly help you with that.
 8:53:51 PM                   User       thanks!
 8:57:35 PM                   Shashi_105871       Thank you for staying connected.
 8:57:45 PM                   User       ok
 8:59:05 PM                   Shashi_105871       Are you in front of the computer which has this issue?
 8:59:26 PM                   User       yes
 9:00:10 PM                   Shashi_105871       Let's perform a startup repair.
 9:00:23 PM                   User       ok
 9:00:24 PM                   Shashi_105871       This will fix the issue for us.
 9:01:11 PM                   Shashi_105871       Let's restart the computer and as soon as you see Dell logo keep tapping the f8 key repeatedly to enter advance boot options..
 9:01:21 PM                   User       ok
 9:01:46 PM                   User       I am now in the Advanced Boot Options
 9:02:31 PM                   Shashi_105871       Please select repair my computer option.
 9:03:02 PM                   User       I do not see that option available
 9:03:29 PM                   Shashi_105871       What are the options listed there?
 9:03:33 PM                   User       I have only Safe Mode with Networking
 9:03:42 PM                   User       Safe with command prompt
 9:03:51 PM                   User       Enable boot logging
 9:03:58 PM                   User       enable low res video
 9:04:05 PM                   User       last known good configuration
 9:04:15 PM                   User       directory services restore mode
 9:04:20 PM                   User       debugging mode
 9:04:36 PM                   User       disable auto restart on system failure
 9:04:51 PM                   User       Disable driver Signature Enforcement
 9:04:58 PM                   User       Start Windows Normally
 9:05:01 PM                   User       That is it
 9:05:31 PM                   Shashi_105871       All right, let's select Last known good configuration
 9:05:54 PM                   User       ok
 9:07:16 PM                   User       it gives me the error "the file or directory C:\Windows\Registration is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility."
 9:07:41 PM                   Shashi_105871       Okay.
 9:07:51 PM                   Shashi_105871       Let's restart the computer once again and as soon as you see Dell logo keep tapping the f8 key repeatedly to enter advance boot options..
 9:09:21 PM                   Shashi_105871       Let's select Safe with command prompt.
 9:09:31 PM                   User       ok
 9:10:30 PM                   User       it gives me the error "the file or directory C:\Windows\Registration is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility."
 9:10:36 PM                   User       it did not go to command prompt
 9:10:45 PM                   User       although I did get there once, but I forget how
 9:11:02 PM                   Shashi_105871       Okay.
 9:11:12 PM                   Shashi_105871       We would need the Vista dvd to fix this issue.
 9:11:47 PM                   User       I have two disks that came with the computer
 9:12:08 PM                   User       "Drivers & Utilities"
 9:12:09 PM                   User       and
 9:12:14 PM                   User       "Operating System"
 9:12:53 PM                   User       The second is "Re-installation DVD Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit SP!"
 9:13:02 PM                   Shashi_105871       Yes, that's the one.
 9:13:12 PM                   Shashi_105871       Vista dvd.
 9:13:25 PM                   User       ok
 9:13:44 PM                   User       I put it in
 9:13:47 PM                   Shashi_105871       Please insert the disk and restart the computer and press f12 on dell logo.
 9:14:18 PM                   User       ok I am there at the Boot Menu
 9:15:07 PM                   Shashi_105871       Let's select cd/dvd option and hit enter once, Once again press enter immediately when we see an option to press any key to boot from cd/dvd.
 9:15:46 PM                   User       done
 9:15:54 PM                   Shashi_105871       Perfect.
 9:15:55 PM                   User       It says windows is loading files
 9:16:07 PM                   Shashi_105871       That's correct.
 9:16:32 PM                   Shashi_105871       Let's wait till the files loaded and don't select any option.
 9:17:28 PM                   User       IT asked my language and time and now it wants me to press a button that says "Install Now"
 9:17:38 PM                   User       That will not make me lose my data?
 9:18:12 PM                   Shashi_105871       Yes, that will cause data loss.
 9:18:17 PM                   Shashi_105871       We need to select repair my computer option.
 9:18:26 PM                   User       ok
 9:18:57 PM                   Shashi_105871       Then let's select the recovery options.
 9:19:07 PM                   User       ok I selected repair
 9:19:32 PM                   User       It just gives me an option of pressing next or load drivers
 9:20:02 PM                   User       inside the System Recovery Options Dialogue
 9:20:07 PM                   Shashi_105871       Please select next.
 9:20:12 PM                   Shashi_105871       Yes.
 9:20:18 PM                   Shashi_105871       Let's select startup repair.
 9:20:22 PM                   User       Now I need to choose a recovery tool
 9:22:06 PM                   User       It says it is repairing disk errors and may take over an hour to complete
 9:22:37 PM                   User       Should we keep the chat open or should I just see if it fixes it and if not I will ask for another chat?
 9:24:23 PM                   Shashi_105871       The cause is one of the file in Vista is corrupt.
 9:24:43 PM                   Shashi_105871       We are now repairing the file using the vista dvd.
 9:25:23 PM                   Shashi_105871       The process will complete in about 5-7 minutes though it says 1 hour.
 9:25:38 PM                   User       ok
 9:25:45 PM                   User       then we can hold on that long
 9:26:06 PM                   User       ok
 9:26:14 PM                   User       it is done and is restarting
 9:26:23 PM                   Shashi_105871       Okay.
 9:27:18 PM                   User       I think it worked
 9:27:28 PM                   Shashi_105871       Perfect.
 9:27:30 PM                   User       I logged in with my password and see my desktop
 9:27:41 PM                   User       Are there any other repairs that need to be done like the chkdsk?
 9:27:42 PM                   Shashi_105871       Wonderful.
 9:27:48 PM                   Shashi_105871       We made it.
 9:27:53 PM                   Shashi_105871       Not required.
 9:28:35 PM                   User       Ok, well, thank you very much for your help!
 9:28:38 PM                   Shashi_105871       We fixed the file which was corrupt.
 9:29:34 PM                   User       OK, great! Thank you so much.

did you even try booting to safe mode?   that would have fixed it..
hadhazi1Author Commented:

Perhaps I am not sure what you mean by "Boot to safe mode".  I did attempt to load windows in safe mode and that failed many times.

However, after using the Windows Vista disk to repair the corrupt file all seems to be working fine now.

ok -fine then..

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