IP PBX vs Centex

Hello guys!

I noticed that the possibilitie to have IP centrex working it's not still very commom.
Do you know why this technologie it's not spreading?

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feptiasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is quite common in the UK but not many providers call it "Centrex". It is more usually called a hosted telephone service, hosted PBX, virtual PBX, virtual switchboard etc.

One advantage of an IP-PBX is that internal calls connect directly whereas using IP Centrex it is likely the speech will go out to the hosting server then back in to the other extension - this is somewhat wasteful of WAN/Internet network bandwidth and could introduce delays/echo in the speech thereby affecting audio quality.
I assume you are talking about "Hosted VOIP" solutions. There are a few out there. Bandwidth.com is offering this service and even Fonality is in beta stages of hosted VOIP.
xtofptAuthor Commented:
Hello Feptias and thanks for your answer!

Just wanted to know if you can give me a glance on how the uptake of these services are!

I mean, there are a lot of people buying hosted VoIP solutions?

I can only say for one of the providers (who I know quite well). Hosted PBX services are a very substantial part of their business, but generally their success in this area is through marketing to specific business sectors and niches; not so much through self-signup of numerous small businesses. They can offer slightly non-standard applications to organisations like police, local gov. etc. Not necessarily "easy" business because every client wants something a bit special - a bit different to the last customer. Much of their business is not even VoIP.

As for the Centrex VoIP market, I can't really say except that there are quite a few companies out there trying to sell it. In my opinion, some kind of customer premises equipment makes a lot of sense if there are more than about 3 extensions because - (a) I don't recommend VoIP as being your only telephony connection - still keep some conventional telephony trunk at least as a backup; (b) daft to make internal calls via the Internet out and back again; (c) support of Hold, Transfer, Pickup features is much simpler with a small PBX on site; (d) the prices for some small PBX solutions are very low.
xtofptAuthor Commented:
Excelent answer feptias, thanks!
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