MS Exchange 2003 IMAP Not Working


I am having a problem with setting up a user's IMAP capabilities on an MS Exchange 2003 server running on SBS 2003.

This user's account had become corrupted, so the account was deleted and recreated.

There are other accounts on this server that can use IMAP with no problems. This verifies that IMAP is configured properly on the server, that the correct SSL port is open on the firewall, and that the Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 service is running.

The user in question has a valid Exchange account and mailbox. They can send and receive email with no problem from Outlook clients on the domain. The user in question also has the IMAP4 Protocol enabled on the Exchange Features tab in thier AD properties.

When I use the Windows Mail email client outside the domain for accessing this user's IMAP email, I get the following error: "The server has rejected your login. Please verify that your username and password are correct. Login Failure: unknown user name or bad password." When I change nothing but the username and the password to a user that I know works, this connection brings up their IMAP folders with no problem.

Please let me know if you can see what I am missing in this scenario. Any help is appreciated.

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ctsmequonAuthor Commented:
Wonko- Yes, I had verified that the user could login locally to the domain.

Shahsejal- I had forgotten to enable IMAP error logging. When I did this, I discovered IMAP4SVC Event IDs 1011 and 1022. Event ID 1022 pointed me to an Exchange Alias mismatch. When I corrected the Exchange Alias to match the domain user ID (in the user's active directory properties) I was able to login with no problems.

Thanks for the help, guys. Especially on a Sunday.
Did you ever log this account from within the domain to make sure everything is fine? Any chance that something like "User must reset password" is set and keeps IMAP from logging in correctly?
Do we get any specific event ID after increasing diagnostic logging on the IMAP service?
Login name is alias, not user name
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