Compare two .NSF files for differences

How can I compare two .NSF files for differences?

Eg. Compare two names.nsf files


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Also, you may need to create a view showing  all the relevant fields that you want, if one does not already exist.

Other things to check are the properties.

# of docs in the DB total.

I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I expect you don't want to compare two files: you'll find too many differences. Instead, I assume you want to compare content: Contacts with contacts, etc. from a view.

If it's a one timer, export the same view in both databases to some external file, in tabular text format or comma-separated value format (File/Export), and compare the resulting text files in a text editor with the necessary features (TextPad?).

If you want to compare two copies/replica of same names.nsf than you can also use teamstudio tools such as teamstudio delta.

The approach may vary if you want to compare design/content of entirely different names.nsf. Then you can create special views which can compare key fields based on certain keywords.

Cheers !
ajosephsonAuthor Commented:
This idea achieved what I wanted..
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