CA Security failure

I have a Dell Precision 380 XP Pro computer running CA Security Suite 2007 (free from cable company). The CA software usually does fine, except every now and then the e-mail scanning component just quits working. Attempting to re-start the component fails. A restart of the computer is required to get e-mail scanning working again.

We have 4 other computers, different model Dells, running the same software, and none have this problem. Any ideas what the issue may be? Nothing unusual running on this computer: Microsoft Office, IE 7, Adobe Acrobat Standard, that's it.

Thanks for the help, Bill
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Could you install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware from and reboot your PC in safe mode (without networking) and do a full scan with that? Let me know, what you find. It could be spyware that is causing the problem in the background or a configuration problem.
westoneAuthor Commented:
It will be a while before I have an opportunity to do that: Without a blatant disabling problem access is not available during business hours as it is in use, and after hours it is accessible only remotely. I'll see what I can work out. CA does have a spyware component active in the background, and a spyware scan runs every week, for what is is worth. We use it throughout the business and have not had any spyware issues over the last several years.
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