How can one tell if ping returns a response using WINS or using DNS?

When attempting to use the PING command on a Windows XP machine how can one determine if the resulting IP for the HOST was via WINS or via DNS?

Is there any way to Force either DNS only or WINS only?

What happens if there is a difference or conflict between the same entry in DNS and in WINS

Obviously we are talking about pinging a one word host that is shorter than the WINS requirement.
Mansoor NathaniAsked:
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Host Name Resolution:
Local Host name
NetBIOS name cache
if you do a ping computer_name and you get only:

pinging COMPUTER_NAME[ip_of_computer_name] with 32 bytes of data:
Blah, blah

then the answer is coming from WINS

if you do same ping and you get:
pinging COMPUTER_NAME.domain.local[ip_of_computer_name] with 32 bytes of data:
Blah, blah
then the answer is coming from your DNS.
Mansoor NathaniAuthor Commented:
Does nslookup strictly use DNS?   If so are there any such tools that use WINS only for lookup?

what happens when the data in WINS and DNS are not the same? Which one over rides the other.

Is there Registry settings to change the order of what is looked up?
nblookup is the tool similar to nslookup used for WINS name resolution.
this is the NetBIOS name resolution:
--NetBIOS name cache
This is by design.
In case data in WINS and DNS are not the same then the easiest is to delete the records in both WINS and DNS and then try to re-register that computer again.
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