.NET Website with References in GAC how to deploy

Hi Experts,

Quick question which I thought would be easily answered.

I have a .net website, which has references to dlls in the GAC.

When I build this and deploy to another server (in production) which doesn't have the same DLL references in the GAC, how can i get the dlls across?
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Sreedhar VengalaConnect With a Mentor Sr. Consultant - Business IntelligenceCommented:

If this is a manual process where you copy across you're website, you'll have to seperately copy your GAC dll and install that on your production server.

You can do this using GacUtil.exe (found in the Visual Studio/SDK/bin folder) or you can use the Admin Tools.NET Framework 2.0 Configuration MMC Snapin under Control Panel.
I usually add a directory "References" to my solution and then copy the dll files there. After that in your Solution Explorer right click the Project and say "Add Reference" and go to browse tab and browse for the dll. This way your application is not relying on the GAC, at least not for 3rd party assemblies.

samroseAuthor Commented:
It is just as simple as that then, not reference the gac, copy dll's into another folder reference and deploy...
Sreedhar VengalaSr. Consultant - Business IntelligenceCommented:
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