GLobal Catalog and Infrastucture Master

In many articles, it says that Global Catalog can't have an Infrastructure Master role.
I would like to know how they impact each other.
if it's recommended  not to have GC and IM together, Why it doesn;t prevent you from giving a role of IM to a GC or make an IM a GC?

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well this might clear it up for you

as for why it is allowed might be because if you have a single domain configuration and you are not linked to other domains then there might not be a problem with have both these roles in a single system

I had MS here, if all DCs are also GCs then it is not a problem. So what I do is make all DC also be GCs as well, having all of the DCs be GCs works with our Exchange layout as well.

I have two domains each DC is a GC. the IM role is on one of the DCs.

The link in the posted above by samipk - explains it very well  :

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