how can I query a dbf file in C#

I'm trying to query a dbf file from a C# 3.5 application using ODBC.  The dbf file is part of an event's pro database but I am struggling to get assistance from the original software vendor.  However, I know which file has the required data and can see the records I want using the free application DBF View ( which agree perfectly with Event's Pro.  However when I use the Microsoft FoxPro Dirver for dbf files (version 6.01.8629.01 - dll VFPODBC.dll) it will only connect using free table directory mode and lists totally different data.  Where DBF View gives me dozens of fields the ODBC connection only lists two fields.

I would like to know which is the correct way to connect to dbf files and if there is any reference on the structure of this form of database.  When I look on the disk I see three files and I have a suspicion that the FoxPro driver I am using is not viewing all of these.
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Use the VFP OLE DB driver instead of the VFP ODBC driver The ODBC driver corresponds to VFP 6 and is not compatible with the latest database structure.
RobYoungManchesterAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that worked perfectly.
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