BESRO 8.5.2 SRD cold backup failed [Error: E0BB014B: Volume Not Found]


I'm having a bad experience in using BESRO 8.5.2 cold backup
what i'm about to do is that to backup my Exchange Server 2007 + Domain Controller in single box

using the Recovery CD console, I select the whole set of my Windows Server partitions including the Dell Utility partition and then back it up into my USB HDD
but then when I was testing to restore the backup I'm confused as I couldn't see any .SV2i file which is always created during the hotbackup

and then here comes the dreaded error message:

Error: E0BB014B: Volume Not Found

can someone please shed some light in this matter ?

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jjozConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ive found the root cause of the problem from :  
Using Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) v8.5 to recover a Dell Utility partition fails with "ERROR E0BB014B: Volume not found"  

The above mentioned issue has been fixed in SRD 8.5.3. Please refer to the Related Documents section for more information.  
Therefore Ill do it again today with new software and network backup.
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