Can't join domain Windows XP

I'v probably added 100 XP computers to our domain but I can't add this one.  It has the Network ID greyed out  on the system properties page and if I go to change from the workgroup WORKGROUP to our domain the Member of  is grayed out and I can't type in there.  I can ping other computers on our network.  I also can't get on the internet using the setting I use for all the other computers on our network.  The Windows Network Client is on the list and the IP address is statiic and it is getting an IP address from DHCP.  I have the gateway IP address correct.  I tried putting our server IP in the WINS setting, no help.  What do I check next?
   The computer was being used in a wireless conneciton but on our system I have a ethernet cable connected.  When I look at the at the network connection there's three, one wireless (not connected) and two others but there's only one cable connected.  Does this have anything to do with it?
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sysreq2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Media Center Edition cannot join a domain. I believe there are work arounds if you google. I've never tried them though, and I wouldn't recommend doing those kinds of hacks in a production evironment. Just fun to play with. :)

I would suggest you get a copy of XP pro.
Are you sure it's XP Pro and not Home or Media Center Edition?

Also, I assume you are a local admin on the machine?

Make sure the workstation service is running.
WmHenryHAuthor Commented:
Question one:  Good point!  It's not XP pro it's media center edition.  Does that make a difference? Is it possible to join a domain with this OS?

Question two:  Yes, I'm logged in as the local admin (the only user on the computer)

Question three:  Yes workstation service is running
WmHenryHAuthor Commented:
Looking at the OS again when you boot up it says XP but if I look under system info it says Media Center Edition.  So, I assume it's the media center edition of XP.  It also doesn't have pro in either name.
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