Backup files from a NAS with Backup Exec

hi all,
I'm trying to use Backup Exec 10d (running on a windows server 2003 box) to backup files from a NAS drive (QNAP 109-pro - But the backup fails with the following error.

Final error: 0xe000fe29 - Authentication failed on connection to the server. Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed correctly.
Final error category: Security Errors

Because the NAS is a closed box i cant install any network agents on it. Is it possible to use Backup Exec to backup files from such a device. It sees the drive and files in the selection list fine - but when the backup runs it just throws the above error.

Clues and help please.
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willettmeisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need the NDMP option for Backup Exec.  I know that 11d has it I bleieve that 10d does also.
digi_alAuthor Commented:
Thanks - indeed that does sound good (i missed that one) but very expensive for us. Is there any way avoiding purchasing this add-on?
digi_alAuthor Commented:
Oh sorry - just to be clear. I prefer to only use Backup Exec and not use NTBackup to copy the files to the server and then Backup exec to backup those files - or similar solutions. Thanks!
The only other thing that you can do that I know of is to mount you NAS drives somewhere and back them up through windows.  For example mount the on your backup server and back them up there.  This will be slower though.
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