WSUS 3.0 - Downstream Replica Server Problem

Hey everyone,

I've got 3 WSUS 3.0 SP1 servers in our organization.

The on in the US (Server-WSUS1) is the central upstream server.  The other 2 (Server-WSUS2) and (Server-WSUS3) are remote nodes...WSUS2 for Europe and WSUS3 for Asia.

The 2 Downstream nodes are in Replica mode and they do sync okay and everything.

***Problem - The WSUS Clients on Europe have a GPO that points them to Server-WSUS2 to obtain their updates.  These workstations do NOT show up in the administration console.

If I change Server-WSUS2 to NOT be a Replica server...then the workstations show up.

***Question - Do the nodes in Europe and Asia have to specify the central WSUS server (Server-WSUS1) as the update server in their GPOs or are they supposed to have their local Replica server as the server they are to update from?

Thanks a lot
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Team-PSOAuthor Commented:
Oh...I see...they just hadn't checked in yet.  

Even with the Europe GPO to point their client nodes to the replica server...the nodes eventually show up in the parent server for administration.

DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Read here
WSUS Replica Down Stream Server (DSS) - Issues and FAQ 

How do I create Target Groups on Replica Server?
If a downstream child server needs additional target groups unique to it, those will have to be created on the upstream server only and that will be replicated to the DSS.

Team-PSOAuthor Commented:
Hey dstewartjr...

I don't need additional target groups as the groups I create on the parent server are showing in the downstream replica servers.

What I need to know is for the clients nodes in Europe, is their GPO need to point them to the replica server or the parent server?

I have them pointing to the replica server now, but they don't show up.

THanks again,
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Read comment from Butwanna here 
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