Printer friendly page having unwanted text at bottom

I've developed a printer friendly page which pops up after submitting a form. I've used the code below and i'm printing on Letter sized paper on an Oki dot matrix printer. Once the text has finished printer, the printer feeds through and prints the URL and date on the top of the next page.

Is there anyway to stop the link from being printed on the next page?'http://myintranet/yourscript.php?view=print','printWindow');

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It's printed by the browser, you can fix your browser so it doesn't print out but you can't stop it being printed out by default on an end-user's machine.

To fix in IE go to Page Setup --> in the Page Setup window there's a text box marked "Footer" containing "&u&b&d" will availble.

Delete all of this and click OK and it should work
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