Password Was forgotton

We have a VPC2007 Image which has the Win2k3 server insalled on it . I forgot the long in password and I tried my best to get it back but I couldnt recall it . However, is there a way to access it and change the password.
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You can retirive the data by using a third party software such as "NTFS for DOS", you can then delete the SAM (Security Acccess Manager) database..and you will end up with a machine with an "Administrator" account and an empty password.
akhafafAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot guys but the thing I would like to ask is .... Will these suggetions work on a Stand- A lone Win2k3 server installed on a VPC2007 ????

why not? as long as you can boot your virtual win2k3 into CD
Should do...
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