Terminal Server Licensing Server not decrementing licenses

I have a Windows 2003 terminal server that is pointing to a Windows 2003 TS licensing server (in domain/workgroup mode) with licenses installed and activated.  However, when a client logs on to the terminial server, the number of available CALs is not decremented on the TS licensing server.  This terminal server is also a Citrix XenApp server.  The Citrix licensing server is decremented Citrix CALs though.  What could be reason that the TS licensing server is not decrementing the CALs?
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MightySWConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The license server will never decrement the Per-User CAL pool(s) as these licenses are unmanaged.  This goes with the whole honorary system for accepting MS licensing agreement.  In order to be compliant with the EULA then you must have a CAL for concurrent users.


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