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I have two handheld POS computers.  The network has Comcast as the ISP and uses a Comcast modem.  There is a Linksys wireless G router connected to the Comcast box.  The Linksys is not connected to the switch.  There are 4 other POS terminals that are hard wired to a switch (some are connected directly to the Comcast box.)
I can't get one of the handhelds to connect to the Linksys, so it can't see the network and run the POS system or connect to the Internet, the other handheld connects fine.  I am thinking that it is a username/password issue and since I did not set this up I do not know what they are.
If the username and password are wrong, for the secured wireless, will I get a username/password wrong error or will I just get a "can't connect to the linksys wireless?

Another wierd thing.  When I do an ipconfig and see the gateway as and I type that in the browser, it takes me to the Comcast modem and not the Linksys wireless router. Any ideas as to why?
I tested the handheld on my home wireless and it connected to the Internet fine, so I know it is not a machine or OS issue.
I do not want to reset the router to factory settigns and start over.  What I may do is use another linksys and set it up and see what happens. If I use another Linksys, will I be able to choose the same gateway IP, during the setup so all the terminal wired and wireless will be able to get tot eh internet and run the POS program?
Also I am attaching a diagram of how I think  this should all be setup.  Please let me know if it is correct.
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"or will I just get a "can't connect to the linksys wireless?"
Yes, not really alot of help with that generic message....

If I didnt see the diagram, it would sound like the Router is piggy backed to the Comcast router (unless it doesnt have any switch ports on it). Is the Internet connection on teh Linksys uplinked to the Comcast box? Some of those Comcast routers are full feature, and they will handle DHCP/NAT/Gateway services, and the Linksys behind it just acts as a router, instead of a gateway, where all those are disabled but the Wireless......

For the Linksys, whats the WAN settings in the status tab?
cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
I can't get to the linksys, I do not know its IP address.  ipconfig shows as the gateway but that takes me to the Comcast box.  How can I find out the linksys ip?
Angry IP Scanner
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Scan for, and look for hosts, that you dont recognize..... It will probably be named "linksys".
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