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Cisco ASA 5505 and Site-to-Site VPN


I have a client that needs a site to site VPN created, they're being provided a bonded T1 via hand-off at both locations.  I have proposed a Cisco ASA 5505 on both ends along with a Cisco aironet, and I was wondering if the ASDM was pretty intuitive as far as the VPN setup?  There will be no more then 10 users at each location, I read the cisco setup pages and it seems pretty straight forward using and setting up an IPsec tunnel, I'm not requiring an elaborate setup between sites or anything, it's just that I'm not totally comfortable with the CLI.  I was wondring if there any resources out there for a setup like this for someone relatively new to these units.  
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The ASDM is a good tool and I would even say being a command line junkie that I don't mind using it. Here is a link to th Anyconnect VPN Client configuration guide.


Here is a link for various other VPN procedures

The ASA has a really simple, easy to understand VPN wizard that will walk you through in about 1 minute.
The setup wizard is pretty good for the initial configuration.
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Since you have the bonded T1 and I'm assuming static IP at each office you should do the Site-To-Site VPN option and as lrmoore said there is a great wizard for doing this.

One thing I recommend is updating both the ASA and the ASDM software as this will make life easier, the difference between v 7 and 8 is astounding.  You will need an account at cisco.com to download the software but if you purchased support you should be entitled to an account, contact your cisco vendor and they should be able to help you get the account.

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