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Not sure if this is even possible, but you guys have come up with some great fixes.

On a form there are a dozen or so key fields that the business owner wants to have highlighted. What they have asked for is for after the record has been saved, to have the labeling text next to one of these key fields be highlighted if the field is empty. This will emphasize these ciritical fields at a glance while the form is data entered. Once that field has been completed, the label text will go back to standard.

Anyway to tie the text labeling a field whether a field is empty of not?  
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Your best option to create two labels for each field (on which you want that functionality), one bellow another.
Then format one of them so it appears highlighted (table cell background or similar).
Place hide formula in one label properties (text properties) dependent of some flag field.

Then, in QuerySave (or wherever you want to check values user has entered) set all those flag fields (depending on the value in the field, of course) and refresh uidoc.

See the images. It's also good to hide all that in read mode (we don't want to bother user who's just reading the doc with mandatory fields).
jforget1Author Commented:
I like this idea, had not thought of using the hides for this type of application. Anyway that I can make this work without having to do the responses in a separate column? Right now the questions and responses are inline as a sentence. Could do something right above the question itself that is an indicator instead of modifying the text of the question itself.
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